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In this series of work I explore the changed landscape of three women's bodies as they navigate life after breast cancer, mastectomies, and no reconstructive surgeries. 
Pat 6
Pat 7
Pat 5
Pat 3
P in Bedroom
Pat 4
Carole 14
Carole by lamp, sm
Carole 7
Carole 6
Carole 5
Carole 11
Carole 40x60 #2
Carole with necklace
Carole 3
Carole linen 2
Carole 40x60
Carole face, sm
Carole 9
Carole 12
Carole 2
Carole 16
Carole drawing II
Carole 4
Carole on bed, sm
Carole drawing
Carole 8
Carole face
Carole linen
Carole at table,sm
Carole 13
Carole 15
Carole 10
Menges,Elizabeth_C with prostheis_2007
Caroline 4
Caroline 3
Caroline sm
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